How To Choose A Personal Training Courses Provider

Deciding to embark upon the path to becoming a qualified personal trainer is a big decision and represents a big commitment financially and time-wise.

There are many companies in London and around the United Kingdom who run the courses that train and qualify professional personal trainers, and it’s very important that you pick the right one for you to get your career off to the best start possible.

It is not just a case of finding the cheapest deal possible. Price has to be a factor in your choice, but so does the quality of the training provider and the course they’ll be selling you.

You should only go for companies who have been officially recognized as a “centre of excellence” by the National Fitness Council. Another good sign of quality is if their courses carry “REPs points”, which means they’re recognized as a useful fitness qualification by the Registry of Exercise Professionals.

Take the time to visit all of the big training provider’s websites to look at the information about their courses, their student testimonials if they have them, and any videos of students on their courses. Discovery personal training courses provider in London, for example, have lots of videos.

Also take the time to find out about what added bonuses are provided by each company in their course packages. Some companies will offer free fitness insurance to graduates for a certain time, others will offer a free first aid certificate with their personal trainer courses. Some even have dedicated student support teams that work to find jobs for their graduates among the leading gym chains and health club franchises.

Remember that if you do not already possess a level 2 gym instructor certificate, you will need to achieve this award in order to get the level 3 personal trainer certificate. You can either take the level 2 course before the level 3 one, or you can study both of them in a combined course package.

If you are doing gym course by itself first, then the level 2 gym instructor courses Discovery UK provide are probably the cheapest out of all the big training providers, while still being of high quality.

Finally, consider whether or not you will be able to study your course or courses full-time or whether you will need to learn on a part-time basis, perhaps because of current employment or childcare commitments. Make sure the training organization you choose can facilitate your required learning schedule.

Why Personal Fitness Trainers Should Get Their Own Websites

Personal trainers provide a very useful and important service to clients. Their services have assisted many people in overcoming unwanted life problems and challenges. As technology improves, personal trainers have always found themselves in difficult positions while delivering their duties. Trainers who have not adopted modern technology such as use of websites find it more difficult to market their services. If you are a personal trainer and you have never thought of setting up your own website, perhaps you have not learnt that a website can elevate your business.

Reasons why personal trainers should have websites:

1. Websites will help you grow your business 

Nowadays, there are millions of people who are looking for the services of personal trainers. Because you cannot know the locations of such persons and their contacts, the best way to reach them is to set up a website. With SEO, such clients will easily find you. You will be surprised to learn that most of the service seekers are your friends and those who live in your neighborhood. To get the best, always establish a good website that possesses all features. Including your contacts is a nice idea as it will enable the clients to contact you instantly. It is also important to use the website in conjunction with social media. For instance, if you have a Facebook page, you can direct your fans to visit your website so that they can explore what you have in store for them. That is one of the best ways to market your services.

2. Websites enhance service delivery 

Consider a case where you have acquired clients who are million kilometers away. How will you ensure that they enjoy your services? Of course you will not have to travel to find them. The best idea is perhaps to provide some short guidelines on how to tackle the issues that they are interested in. That is to say, you can provide your services in form of writing, e Books so that distant clients can utilize them. Making use of videos is also recommended. A video that describes how something is done is very helpful. Many people prefer to read and practice some routines on their own and during odd hours. For instance, an employee may decide to carry out some work outs after work or late at night. In that case, providing your services in form of e Books, videos and tips will be of great help to such persons.

3. Websites facilitates exchange of ideas 

There are thousands of personal trainers out there. Such individuals possess different types of skills and expertise. As a personal trainer, you may find it necessary to exchange ideas and opinions with other experts so that you can establish if you have what it takes. The only way to interact with them is by visiting their websites and obtaining their contact details. In this regard, it is clear that if all trainers make use of websites, they will help one another in different ways.

In conclusion, all personal trainers who take their businesses seriously should definitely get a website.

How To Be A South London Personal Trainer

Personal training in the South London areas like Croydon and Wimbledon is very competitive; it’s a real dog fight to land training clients and generate a healthy income. If you want to be doing business as a personal trainer in South London, there are some things you’ve got to know to have a chance of getting yourself a big enough piece of the pie.

First of all, if you’re just starting out, don’t go it entirely alone. You need to get yourself into a health club or any other sort of fitness establishment that rents their facilities to freelance personal trainers. But be warned, many of these places will rent to any trainer who can pay their monthly fees and are packed with freelance trainers, so consequently their are not enough clients to go around and most of the trainers can’t get enough business to make a decent living. So before you choose your base of operations, investigate a place closely and take a look at the ratio of members and potential clients to trainers already in there.

Second, get a website. A lot of new guys starting out think to themselves stuff like: “I won’t need a website, I’ll meet clients other ways” and “I don’t know how to setup a website and it would cost too much to have someone else do it”. A website is one of the most valuable assets a personal training business can possess, and these days they can be setup cheaply and easily. A good example of a South London personal trainer website is The great thing about having your own website is that you can register your local business with the Internet search company Google and in a couple of weeks, people in your local area will start seeing details of your business appear along with a map marker for your location when they search for personal trainers and personal training services.

Third, be nice! A personal trainer’s interpersonal skills are just as important as his knowledge of exercise and fitness. No one is going to pay to be trained by someone with no personality who doesn’t smile or talk to them about anything and who has no charisma. You need to provide constant encouragement to your clients in order to make them put in maximum effort, but you also have to be careful not to push them too hard or they might get resentful of you or actually injure themselves.

Finally, set reasonable prices. Have a look at what other personal trainers in your area are charging for their services, and price yourself similarly. Don’t go much higher or you risk pricing yourself out of the market. And at the same time don’t try to get an edge on all your competition by charging significantly lower or your business might come across as the bargain basement of London personal training.

Thanks for reading, we hope you found this useful. Now go out and establish yourself as a quality London personal trainer!